Bills and Legislation Research
Online Research Links is the official portal for federal legislative information. It is freely provided to the public by the Library of Congress.

GovTrack provides open data about current and upcoming federal legislation. There are a number of search options and an extensive database of bill summaries, statistical analyses, and other tools and resources with which to complete research.

The Ohio Legislature

Search current legislation for the State of Ohio.

THOMAS - Library of Congress

THOMAS (in honor of Thomas Jefferson) is the name of the Library of Congress's search engine for legislative information. Bills may be searched by word/phrase or bill number. There is also an advanced search option which provides numerous ways to narrow search results.

U.S. Senate: Active Legislation

This is a database of active federal legislation that is compiled under the authority of the Secretary of the Senate. Bills are alphabetized by popular title or subject and also provide the bill number, which is linked to the website.

Technology Tutorial
Creating a Brochure with Microsoft Publisher 2010

Watch the embedded video below for a quick Publisher tutorial: