Cincinnati - Issues and Challenges
Cincinnati, Ohio is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. However, like most cities, Cincinnati has its issues and challenges that must be addressed. Use the following resources and search engines to gather information about specific topics of interest to Cincinnatians.
INFOhio - Explora for Grades 9-12
Explora helps students find out more about any subject. Students have access to magazine and newspaper articles, primary source documents, biographies, country information, and images for class projects. Cincinnati topics can be successfully researched using Explora.
INFOhio - ISearch
ISearch is INFOhio's new multi-database search tool. Students can search through multiple databases with one click. Searches can then be narrowed by using the tabs at the top and/or the lefthand menu.
INFOhio - Multi-Database Search
The Multi-Database Search allows researchers to search a number of academic and/or industry-specific journals that are organized by subject.
INFOhio - Points of View Reference Center
INFOhio's Points of View Reference Center provides the "pros and cons" of current issues. Cincinnati-specific and/or subject-specific articles can be found to support your position on a given topic.
Public Library of CIncinnati and Hamilton County - Cincinnati and the Tri-State
The PLCH librarians have compiled a list of helpful websites specific to Cincinnati and the Tri-State area. There are numerous resources for each subject area.
Search Engines

The following search engines have been developed and/or curated by librarians, educators, and researchers. The results generated by these search engines are more reliable for academic research than those generated by general search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo!.
iSeek Education
Sweet Search
MLA Citations
The following resources will help you create your MLA citations and Works Cited page.

Son of Citation Machine