Destiny Library Catalog

Instructions for Catalog Use:

1. Select the Destiny Link:

Follett Destiny Logo.jpg

2. Choose "Colerain Sr. High School".

3. Log in (button is in the upper right corner), using your student I.D. number as both your username and password.

4. Use the links on the homepage or select the "Catalog" tab at the top left of the page.

5. Conduct your search using the buttons below the search bar (Keyword, Title, Author, Subject, or Series).

6. Select the book that most closely matches your search criteria. Select "Details" to see more information about that book. At this point, you may either search for the book in the stacks (ask for help if you need it), or place a hold on that item by selecting the "Hold It" button on the right side of the page. Holds will be pulled and placed with your name on a cart in the IC. You will need to stop by to get the book and check it out.

Using eBooks:

1. Select "Destiny Discover" on the lefthand menu of the catalog search page.

2. You will see all of the library's holdings divided by holding type.

3. Either search for the desired title or scroll down to eBooks and expand the list by clicking "See all 105".

4. Select "Open" if you wish to only look through and read the book at that moment.

5. Select the book menu in the upper right of the page to check-out, search, or set text-to-speech settings. Select the "Aa" tab for display options.

6. To find the checked out eBook, click on the menu icon in the upper left corner and scroll down to "My Checkouts". A list of all of your checkouts will appear.

7. The checkout will expire and the book will return itself. If you finish the book early, simply select the "Return" button that appears next to the eBook title in your checkout list, and the book will be returned early, making it available for the next user.

8. If you wish to return to the classic Destiny interface, click the menu link in the top left corner and select "Destiny".

Conducting Research using One Search

1. After conducting a topic and/or subject search in the catalog, go to the menu buttons on the right side of the catalog page.

2. Select "One Search".

3. One Search will now begin searching through selected educational databases.

4. Wait for the results or select "Get Results".

5. Click the "Show" button to see retrieved articles.

6. Read or save the selected article.

7. To save research, select "Add to this List" to the side of the selected resource.

8. Go to the lefthand menu and select "Resource Lists". If it is a library resource, the item(s) will show up under that list. If it is something from One Search, go to that tab to find your saved links.

9. Destiny will create MLA citations from your saved lists. See the librarian or your teacher if you need help with this.

Note: You must be logged in to Destiny in order to place holds, check out eBooks, or save your research in your resource lists. You do not have to be logged in if you are simply doing a quick search to see what the library offers on a particular subject or to look for a specific book title.