Digital Learning Tools
Educational technology tools provide a wide variety of ways to engage with subject matter. Please explore this growing list of digital learning tools. This page will be updated as new tools are discovered and researched for educational applications.
Multi-subject and Subject-specific Tools
All Subjects
NWLSD provides a paid subscription to BrainPOP for all district employees. BrainPOP provides a creative way for students of all ages to engage with difficult concepts and topics. There are videos, games, and other interactive tools that catch and keep students' attention as they learn. BrainPOP supports ESL learners, as well. There are numerous resources for educators - each video provides a link to lesson ideas and other teacher resources. See the description of BrainPOP Educators below. BrainPOP requires a login - please see Mrs. Hubbard for this information.
BrainPOP Educators
BrainPOP Educators is a very large educational resource containing lesson plans, video tutorials, professional development, presentation tools, and a connected community of teachers who are dedicated to using animated curricular content in their tech-savvy classrooms. BrainPOP supports educators with Common Core alignment and a searchable database of state standards. Educators may register for a free account in order to access content.

CK-12 Foundation

CK-12 offers free, customizable, standards-aligned resources, mainly in the STEM content areas (there are some English and other resources, too). With this platform, instructors can design "FlexBooks", which are personally customizable textbooks. The CK-12 website provides the tools and resources with which to do so. In addition to "Flexbooks", users can access smaller lessons and activities that are embedded within "Concepts". Click on this User Guide for further details. The content on the CK-12 website is licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution/Non-Commercial/Share Alike 3.0 Unported (CC-by-NC-SA) License ( which allows for the non-commercial use of its resources. This is a rich resource for instructors and students alike.

Cool Tools for Schools

This is an incredibly comprehensive list of Web 2.0 tools for educators. The list is neatly categorized and each resource is described in detail. Since this is a Wikispaces site, it is inherently collaborative; thus, teachers are able to be contributors by emailing resources to the site's creator. Exploring this site will be time well-spent!


This is a technology resource site for teachers. Teachers can share and/or search for technology resources. There are several helpful tools available as well as instructional videos on a variety of technology-related topics. There is also a link to eduClipper which is a pinboard (think "Pinterest for educators") full of technology resources that teachers are sharing with one another.

Free Technology Tools for Teachers
This is a LiverBinder that was created by educator, Mickie Mueller; it was voted as one of the ten top LiveBinders of 2012. There are over 600 free technology resources for teachers to use.


HippoCampus provides free multimedia resources for high school and college students and teachers. Teachers can register with the site in order to have a personal page on which to organize their own playlists and other content. Content can be shared by means of a personal login that can be shared with students and colleagues. Click here for more information.

PBS LearningMedia

PBS has developed an extensive educator resource of videos, lesson plans, interactive learning content, and professional development resources for teachers in all subject areas. Free registration is required in order to access the site's content. Their resources are good for non-commercial, educational use ONLY. Please refer to the site's Terms of Use for a detailed explanation of permissible uses.

Teaching with Technology Video Series

Are you looking for ideas and inspiration as you learn to integrate learning technologies into your teaching practice? The Ohio Department of Education has partnered with WOSU Public Media to develop a video series of "best practices" which highlight a variety of tech integration strategies by resident educators from around the state.

YouTube EDU

YouTube has curated education-specific videos for student and educator use. Videos are categorized and given specific channels that users can subscribe to for periodic updates.

Discover - Minneapolis Institute of Art
The Minneapolis Institute of Art houses a wide-ranging collection of art and artifacts. This page contains numerous online and interactive resources for students and teachers to explore. Select the "Teachers and Students" tab and then look for the link to "Online Learning Resources" on the right.
Metropolitan Museum of Art
This is the online presence for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It provides an opportunity to explore digitized works as well as a variety of other learning tools and resources for art teachers and their students.
English Language Arts and Writing
Developing a Fictional Narrative
Education World's Developing a Fictional Narrative is a lesson on developing introspection and visioning to inspire a fictional narrative. Students will explore narratives in fiction and journalism, engage in a variety of methods to gain inspiration, and work collaboratively to brainstorm and write their narratives, all while learning and applying best practices for writing fictional narratives.
Google Lit Trips

Google Lit Trips take students on literary journeys using Google Earth. A path is drawn depicting the journey of the characters and on the path are "stops" that provide relevant, useful information for the reader, using a wide variety of media. Using Google Lit Trips requires the download of Google Earth to your computers (this is free). However, a newer, online version of Google Lit Trips is now available, though it is still under development. Step guides and tutorials are available on the Google Lit Trip website. Google also has extensive information available via their "Educational Technology Tools" website.
Interactive Folio: Romeo and Juliet

This site is brought to us by The Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project. It is an in-depth, interactive, media-rich experience to enhance the reader's understanding and appreciation of this most famous tragedy.

This is an addictive vocabulary-building game. Once the game begins, you are presented with a definition and the first letter of the correct word. You have to fill in the rest of the word based on the definition. The game can be played without an account, but you can register for an account if you want to track and/or compare your progress against other users. The difficulty level can be adjusted by clicking on the settings gear in the upper right corner of the page. Get smart and have fun!


NoRedInk! is a web-based tool to help students improve their grammar and writing skills. Sign-ups are free for students and teachers.

The Poetry Forge

The Poetry Forge is an open source poetry writing tool for teachers and students. Teachers have access to lesson plans, lesson exemplars, and areas for discussion and collaboration. Students have access to poetry generators, writing challenges, and a gallery of student work to use as models.


PrimaryAccess is a suite of online tools that allows the creator to use primary source documents, images, and personal narratives to create movies, rebuses, storyboards, etc., for a variety of learning purposes. There are free accounts available to teachers and students.


Storybird is a creation tool for digital storytelling that teachers can use with their classes. Writers first choose an image and then let the story develop from there. Thus, the story flows from the art rather than the art flowing out of the story. This is an especially useful tool for reluctant readers and writers.

Teaching English with Technology

This is a large repository of compiled resources specifically geared toward English Language Arts teachers.


VocabAhead is a visual vocabulary-building tool for ACT, SAT, and GRE test preparation. Learners are provided a short video that pronounces and defines the term, uses the term in context, and then provides a list of synonyms that help round out the full meaning of the term. Vocabulary lists are organized by grade level. Teachers can sign up for access to other useful classroom tools.

Foreign Language
BBC Languages
BBC Languages provides interactive, online learning resources for forty foreign languages, making this site especially useful for students and teachers. The site is archived and no longer actively updated, but the existing information is still valid.

Duolingo is a highly rated, free, online language learning site. Students select from a variety of languages, commit to a program of study, and then follow a structured program of language learning to meet their individual goals.

This site contains simple flash-card type games for eight foreign languages. Use it to learn or review your foreign language of choice.

International Children's Digital Library
The International Children's Digital Library(ICDL) is a collection of freely accessible children's literature from all around the world. You do not need to register to read these stories, but an ICDL account enables you to bookmark stories, select language options, save to a bookshelf, and share a personal profile. Read more about ICDL here.

Learn a Language

There are hundreds of free online language learning activities, lessons, and games for eight foreign languages developed by the U.S. Institute of Languages.


Linguee not only translates words, but it also gives the words in context, as opposed to simply providing a definition or a strict translation.

SurLaLune Fairytales

SurLaLune Fairy Tales features annotated fairy tales with information about authors, historical context, similar stories from around the world, and modern interpretations. The tales of Charles Perrault can be found here.


WordReference is an especially good resource for translations of major European languages. It also provides help for verb conjugations.

Data Games

These are a set of free computer games in which students learn to analyze the data that these games generate. Each game contains a full set of supporting materials for teachers and information about Common Core standards that are addressed. See the "Teachers" section for complete details about how to use these games with your students and in your instructional planning.


GeoGebra is a powerful open-source mathematics software program that is free to use for educational, nonprofit purposes (a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License). Lessons and tutorials range from elementary to college-level mathematics. For a complete introduction, click here. Geogebra offers offline installation packages as well as direct Web access. A team of developers from all over the world has worked to make this a comprehensive educational math resource, complete with extensive tutorials and their own YouTube channel. This is an amazing resource.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides a library of more than 3,400 videos tutoring in many subjects, but it is best known for extensive and helpful math tutorials. In addition, Khan Academy now has a duplicate site that is completely in Spanish, including providing real Spanish-speaking instructors. Follow this link to access Khan Academy in Spanish: Khan Academy Spanish


Manga High uses Math games to teach increasingly complex material from elementary through high school mathematics. Teachers can sign up for a free basic account and then either upload class rosters or create a generic class in order to start using the games with their students. For more detailed information, please read the through the information on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Ready, Set, Music! Music Resources for Educators
This is a compiled list of useful Internet resources for Music educators. The links are organized by subject matter and area of specialization. A few of the links are broken, but most are functional and excellent repositories of information.
Physical Education and Health
TeensHealth: Food & Fitness
TeensHealth is an educational website provided by the Nemours Center for Children's Health Media. Teens are provided with a private, safe place to explore and find answers to their questions about health, their emotions, and life. The Food & Fitness page helps teens make healthy choices by providing numerous health, nutrition, and fitness articles, as well as a BMI calculator. Read more here.
CELLS alive!

Get ready to explore beautiful, interactive images and animations of cells! This award-winning site was developed by Jim Sullivan in 1994 and has been updated and kept current ever since. Mr. Sullivan encourages educational use of his site, but gives very specific guidelines for its use in different settings. Students and teachers will benefit greatly from Mr. Sullivan's passion for his work.

MIT OpenCourseWare: AP Biology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed this informative site for high school AP Biology teachers and their students. The site's creators have selected relevant material from MIT's introductory courses in order to help students and teachers prepare for the AP exam. The site operates under a Creative Commons license (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States). Users are free to share and remix the work as needed (see for details).

MIT OpenCourseWare: AP Physics

Just like the AP Biology open course site, their AP Physics site is loaded with resources to help students and teachers prepare for the AP exam. Again, users are free to share and remix the work as needed, as this site is also generously licensed through Creative Commons.

National Science Digital Library (NSDL)

This digital library is funded in large part by the National Science Foundation. There are over 125,000 searchable records selected by STEM content specialists. These records come from a variety of media sources, many of which are geared for the K-12 educator.

Online Chart Tool

Create charts using this free online chart making tool. It supports a large number of chart types. Optional registration with the site enables the user to save charts for future editing. Charts can be downloaded and shared in a variety of formats, including CSV.


PhET was developed by the University of Colorado (Boulder) and is a library of free, interactive simulations for science and math. The simulations are research-based and continually vetted for educational effectiveness. The simulations are open-source and the goal is to keep this a free resource for students and teachers.

Science - Tech Tools for Teachers
This site contains a listing of 50 tech tools for science teachers and their students. Resources range from video to animations to lesson plans to educational games and more. Take time to explore this resource - even teachers in other disciplines might find useful cross-curricular content to use in their classrooms, so an investment of time should pay big dividends!

Try Science The Teacher Page

This is an awesome resource for teachers and students! There are virtual field trips, experiments, lesson plans, professional development opportunities and more. Educational, not-for-profit use is encouraged (see legal information on site page). This is a site that will appeal to students of a wide age-range. Explore and enjoy!

Social Studies
Economic and Personal Finance Resources for K-12

This site provides numerous free, interactive educational resources for teaching economics and personal finance.

FRONTLINE: Teacher Center/PBS

Thought-provoking journalism and streaming videos, along with lesson plans and other educator resources, makes this a valuable companion tool for a variety of subject areas.


A free resource of factual world data that can be used by teachers and students to support instruction and learning both in and out of the classroom. Gapminder World uses beautiful flash animation to show data change over time in different parts of the world. Dollar Street aims to dispel student misconceptions about what life is really like in other parts of the world. There are numerous other resources and help for teachers wishing to use this site in the classroom. Gapminder data can be freely used, but they do ask that students give attribution to the site as their source.

History Animated
History Animated creates a new look at military history by engaging students and teachers in detailed, historically accurate animations of important military battles across some of the U.S.'s most notorious wars. Graphics, text, sound, and animations work together to make key military battles come to life for students, teachers, and everyday history-buffs. A USB flash drive which includes all animations, extra material, and a teacher's edition is now available for a fee. Read more here.

National Geographic Education
National Geographic offers free education resources for students and teachers. There are activities/lessons/units for teachers, map-making software, student and educator programs, as well as an informative and engaging education blog.

Public Domain Country Maps (PAT)

PAT is an open-source collection of country maps developed by Ian Macky. There are maps of every country in the world as well as recently added regional maps. Downloads of any (or all) of these maps is free.

Web 2.0 Tools
Audio Creation


Audiotool is free music-creation software that enables the user to create and mix a variety of soundtracks right in a computer's browser. There are a lot of tutorials available, as well as a large community of users who share their music creations and provide help to one another. Audiotool is governed by a Creative Commons license, but users are still required to abide by their terms of use, which can be found here. Watch this introductory video and basic tutorials to help get you started. Have fun creating!



DebateGraph is an online visualization and sharing tool to develop complex debates. With a free account, you are invited to take part in a variety of debates that are of national and/or global importance. It is also possible to set up a private debate just for your class or organization. There is a learning-curve to using this tool, but there are a lot of links to help you along as you work through the learning process.


The Artist's Toolkit

Learn about the visual elements and principals that artists use to build works of art. Practice what you learn about each visual element presented. This is an interactive learning tool available via artsconnectEd.

Graphic Organizers is a mind mapping/graphic organization tool that can be used to collaboratively create mind maps for a variety of purposes. Maps can be published by being exported to the file type of choice. It is also possible to embed maps into a blog or a website. The interface is fairly intuitive and the free account allows for the creation of up to three maps.


Interactive Maps

Google Maps Street View Treks

Explore the world using Google Maps Treks. Google makes it possible for students to experience faraway places and natural wonders, as well as museums, restaurants, arenas, and small businesses. It uses Google's 360° imagery, offering users a truly interactive experience.


Google Keep

Google Keep is a new G-Suite tool that allows users to organize research notes in one place. Create checklists, curate videos, websites, articles, drawings, audio files, and personal notes, share notes with collaborators, and more. Keep also has a free smartphone app that can be downloaded. The phone app provides additional functionality not available on the computer and is a great tool for capturing notes on the go.



Fakebook mimics the Facebook interface for creating a variety of creative, interactive presentations. It is one of the free educational resources developed by the creators of Uses of this tool include charting the plot of a book, profiling key historical figures or fictional characters, creating debates, or exploring key relationships. Specific instructions for use can be found here.


Thinglink enables users to create media-rich, interactive links within presentations, blogs, and websites. Teachers can sign up for a free education account which enables them to create groups for up to 100 students. Students can sign up with their Google Apps for Education accounts - Thinglink integrates seamlessly with Google Drive.

Quiz and Poll Creation

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere uses text messaging to engage students in polling activities in the classroom. Teachers can use this as a diagnostic tool and/or as a way to determine student mastery of content that has been taught. It can also be used for a variety of other educational purposes. Poll Everywhere has a free basic account available to educators.