Exploring the Issues and the Candidates

The following links provide helpful information for voters and others interested in learning about elections and the electoral process.
Congress.gov is the official website for federal legislative information. Information is presented by the Library of Congress. It is usually updated the morning after a session adjourns.
FactCheck.org declares itself a "nonpartisan, nonprofit consumer advocate for voters", according to its mission statement. It is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center. They are very transparent about funding sources and provide extensive information about donors on their website. Their goal is to fact-check the claims made by politicians in campaign speeches, T.V. ads, and other media, thus clearing up any misinformation for the voting public.
INFOhio: Points of View Reference Center
Not sure HOW you feel about a controversial issue? The Points of View Reference Center provides an overview, as well as pro and con articles on many current issues. As you research political candidates and their party positions, take time to understand all of the viewpoints surrounding the issues that they support or oppose.
PBS Learning Media: Election Central

PBS has created an EXTENSIVE website dedicated to elections. There are online educational resources, creative lessons, virtual field trips, debate tools, and more. This is a great one-stop-shop for educators and students alike.

PBS Learning Media: We the Voters
PBS has partnered with We the Voters to provide short films and accompanying lesson plans intended to activate voters across the country. The films provide fresh perspectives on democracy, elections, governance, and debating. This is a nonpartisan, collaborative effort.
Pollenize is a relative newcomer to the voter-information arena. They are a registered nonprofit organization and they do accept individual donations to help fund their efforts. However, they state that they are "nonpartisan and apolitical" and that their organization is staffed by unpaid volunteers. Their mission is to inform voters and clear up any confusion regarding the presidential candidates and their political positions on a number of key issues.
ProCon.org is a nonprofit organization devoted to providing the pros and cons of numerous controversial issues. They outline where all of the presidential candidates stand on these issues, as well. ProCon.org is unaffiliated with any political party or interest group.
Project Vote Smart
Looking for unbiased information about candidates and their platforms? Project Vote Smart is a collaboration of citizens from all walks of life and political affiliations, who have come together to research and provide fellow voters with information about candidates' political positions on a variety of important issues, party affiliations, public statements, and voting records, along with other important details. Rules for vetting candidates are strict and Vote Smart accepts no money from any candidate, party, or special interest group.

USA.gov: Voting and Elections

This page on the USA.gov website provides information and links to answer common questions about voting in the United States.