Feeling Persuaded to Give: How Charities Tap into Human Compassion

Ms. Bockhold's Classes:
I. Select ONE of the following videos and watch using headphones or earbuds:


II. Watch the video embedded below:

III. Conduct Research
Use the following websites and online databases to gather information about specific charities.
Charity Navigator
Charity Navigator provides important information about the financial health, accountability, and transparency of charitable organizations. This helps potential donors make informed decisions about where and to whom to send their money. Charities can be searched by name; once found, a page is displayed with extensive financial information, along with links to related information.

Charity Watch

Charity Watch provides independent ratings of charitable organizations. In addition to information about financial transparency and accountability, Charity Watch has numerous articles highlighting a variety of topics related to charities and relief efforts around the world, as well as tips for charitable giving.

Give.org: BBB Wise Giving Alliance - A to Z Charity Listing

Give.org provides excellent information about charities, as well as a direct link to each charity's website. This link takes you directly to their the A-Z listing of reviewed charities, which can be filtered by charity type and/or letter.


This is the main link to the INFOhio website, which contains numerous, free online academic databases for students, families, and educators who reside in Ohio. In addition to the INFOhio databases, additional online resources have been compiled here.

INFOhio: Points of View Reference Center

The Points of View Reference Center provides an overview plus pro and con articles about a wide variety of controversial issues. For this project, it is beneficial to see what, if anything, has been written about nonprofit organizations and/or specific charities. As is true of all INFOhio resources, it is possible to filter through the results list by using the limiters on the left side of the page. Articles can be saved and/or shared and each article provides specific citation information that can be copy/pasted onto a Works Cited page.

INFOhio: Science Online

Science Online provides a wealth of scientific resources and information that will aide your research if you are researching a medical illness or condition.

INFOhio: World Book Advanced

World Book Advanced is an excellent resource for obtaining general information about a disease, condition, or situation for which a charity has been established.

Note: INFOhio can be accessed with no login at school; however, if you wish to use INFOhio from home, you will need to see Mrs. Hubbard for the username and password required for home access.


You can search for stories about various issues that charities seek to support. This is a good place to explore the stories of those who suffer from various afflictions as well as see the efforts made by those who are trying to help.

IV. Create a Visual Aid

Visual aids are used to enhance presentations. Below are a few digital options.


Canva is a free graphic design tool that can be used to make a variety of products including but not limited to, posters, brochures, infographics, cards, book covers, flyers. logos, and more. To use, select "Education" under the sign-up tab and then select "Sign up with Google". It will connect with your school Gmail account and take you right to the resource. From there, you can either create your own design from scratch or you can select from a variety of templates. If you select "Find Templates" from the left side menu and then select "Infographics" from the list that opens, you will see a template for charities. Scroll through to see if you like any of the templates. Once you select a template, you can edit it with your own information.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet application that is ideal for visualizing data. You can insert a number of graphs, charts, and numerical data to enhance an informational presentation or persuasive speech. Go to the G Suite Learning Center to learn more about using Google Sheets.

Google Slides

Google Slides (and Microsoft PowerPoint) provides a traditional slideshow format that is ideal for presenting graphical and visual information. Need help? Go to the G Suite Learning Center for more information on using Google Slides.