Solving Problems

The following resources will provide information about a variety of issues and controversies that plague our modern-day society.

Destiny Library Manager

Destiny is our online library catalog. Log in using your student ID as both your username and password. Explore the links on the homepage or use the catalog tab to search for print, digital, and online resources.

INFOhio - Academic Search Premier

Academic Search Premier contains an extensive collection of academic journals which are excellent resources for high school and college-level research.

INFOhio - EBSCOhost Multi-Database Search

The multi-database search allows users to search through more than 6,000 magazines, journals, and newspapers. Also included are biographies and media transcripts, as well as maps, images, geographic information, and primary sources.

INFOhio - Explora

Explora contains numerous newspaper and magazine articles, as well as biographies and primary sources. This is a good general resources for beginning research.

INFOhio - ISearch

INFOhio's new ISearch widget allows users to search through all of INFOhio with one search. Searches will bring back a lot of results, so it is important to use the menu items at the top and to the left of the results list to narrow down the number of articles to examine.

INFOhio - Points of View Reference Center

The Points of View Reference Center contains articles that explore current issues and controversies. The home page contains numerous subject categories, but it is also possible to search for a topic using the basic and/or advanced search functions. There is an overview article for each topic, as well as "point - counterpoint" articles that offer varying perspectives for exploration.

*** INFOhio requires a username and password when accessing it from home. See Mrs. Hubbard for this information.