Research Links for Ms. Gunther's Multi-genre Project

Online Databases

AllMusic is a searchable, online music resource for casual research. It provides information about musicians, albums, bands, and songs. Though it is being included in this list of online databases, please understand that this is a supplemental resource and may need to be cross-referenced with other sources of information. provides over 7,000 biographies of famous people from around the world. Their focus is on compelling stories and little-known facts about the people that they cover. Like the AllMusic site, is more for casual, or supplemental research, and should not be used as a standalone source of information.
INFOhio - ISearch
INFOhio's ISearch will search through all of INFOhio's resources all at the same time. It is then possible to narrow your search by using the tabs at the top and/or the lefthand menu options.
INFOhio - Biography Reference Bank
Biography Reference Bank provides full-text articles on more than a half-million people from all around the world.
INFOhio - Explora for Grades 9-12
Explora is a large database of newspaper and magazine articles, as well as primary source documents. In addition, Explora also contains biographies and country information. It is possible to search through all of Explora or search by subject. This resource will provide a lot of information for Ms. Gunther's project.

INFOhio - IWonder

INFOhio's IWonder is their newest search interface. It contains information on a wide variety of subjects and is easy to navigate due to its simplified, visual search. This is a good place to begin research.

INFOhio - World Book Advanced

World Book Advanced is INFOhio's online encyclopedia. It provides numerous articles on a wide variety of subjects as well as timelines of historical events.

Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County - Sites by Subject

The PLCH librarians have compiled a useful variety of reliable resources for conducting research. Remember - you will need to have a library card in order to access their research databases, but many of these resources are freely accessible websites.

Search Engines

The following search engines have been developed and/or curated by librarians, educators, and researchers. The results generated by these search engines are more reliable for academic research than those generated by general search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo!.


iSeek Education


Sweet Search

MLA Citations

The following resources will help you create your MLA citations and Works Cited page.


Son of Citation Machine