Free Resources for Online Learning

The following websites offer numerous online learning resources for teachers and students free of charge.
GCF LearnFree
Supported by the Goodwill Industries of North Carolina, GCF LearnFree offers online learning opportunities in a multitude of subjects for students of all ages. Watch the video below to gain a better understanding of what is offered through the GCF LearnFree website. Educators - access more resources and information by linking to the Resources and Tools page.

SAS Curriculum Pathways
SAS Curriculum Pathways is an award-winning, completely free resource for educators to use with their students. It contains a wealth of standards- aligned, interactive, online lessons in all of the core subject areas. SAS Curriculum Pathways is funded by its parent company, SAS Institute, Inc., who has maintained a commitment to education for the past ten years. Watch this video explaining the background of SAS Curriculum Pathways.
There are a number of educator resources available on the SAS website. Link here to find ideas for integrating SAS resources.
Watch the video embedded below for an overview of all that SAS Curriculum Pathways has to offer.